The Emily Mason and Alice Trumbull Mason Foundation, formed in 2020, will spearhead the stewardship of the artistic legacy of Emily Mason alongside that of her mother, Alice Trumbull Mason, while it embarks on a philanthropy program dedicated to advancing opportunities for traditionally underrepresented artists.


Emily Mason (1932—2019) was an American abstract painter and beloved mentor and teacher. During her prolific fifty-year career, she also tended to the underrecognized career of her mother, Alice Trumbull Mason (1904—1971), a pioneer of American abstraction.

In 2018, Emily Mason established a not-for-profit foundation to support the legacy of Alice Trumbull Mason, while advancing opportunities in the arts to traditionally underrepresented artists for generations to come. Following her death in December 2019, the Foundation broadened its mission to include the legacy and artwork of Emily Mason herself and in December of 2020, became known as the Emily Mason and Alice Trumbull Mason Foundation.

Board of Directors

Elisa Wouk Almino

Cecily Kahn

Melany Kahn

Millie Kapp

Janis Stemmermann

Nari Ward

Marela Zacarías

Emily Mason and Alice Trumbull Mason Riverside Drive, 1952