The Emily Mason | Alice Trumbull Mason Foundation, formed in 2020, will spearhead the stewardship of the artistic legacy of Emily Mason (1932–2019) alongside that of her mother, Alice Trumbull Mason (1904–1971) while it embarks on a philanthropy program dedicated to advancing opportunities for traditionally underrepresented artists. The Wolf Kahn | Emily Mason Foundation established in 1998, has expanded its purpose to preserve and promote the artistic legacy of Wolf Kahn (1927–2020).

Together, these two Foundations preserve the vision of three artists—in one family—through exhibitions, publications, research, archives, and philanthropy.

As an integral part of their mission to the legacy of all three artists, the Foundations maintain a significant archive, including an extensive trove of ephemera including photographs, audio recordings, video, letters, gifts, and exhibition records.

Access to these materials is not currently open to the general public, but is available for curatorial and scholarly research. Interested parties should contact the relevant Foundation with their details (include institution and a brief bio), the stated purpose of their interest and research, and a time-frame for the potential visit.

In the 1970s, Emily Mason donated a selection of materials pertaining to her mother’s life as an artist to the Smithsonian Archive of American Art, including sketchbooks and correspondence documenting her role as one of the founders of the American Abstract Artists groups. For a full listing, please visit the Archive of American Art here

  • Announcement for the AAA's first exhibition, in 1937, at the Squibb Gallery on 58th Street and 5th Avenue in New York.
  • Alice Trumbull Mason, Emily Mason, and Wolf Kahn in Venice, circa 1958.
  • Emily Mason with Jack Larsen (L) and Irwin Wending (R) at the Haystack Residency, 1952.
  • Drawing (and letter) from Alice Trumbull Mason's studio neighbor and friend, artist Ray Johnson, 1949.
  • Letter from William Carlos Williams to Alice Trumbull Mason encouraging to publish her poem Trees, 1930.