“A Way Through: Abstract Art of the 1940s” at Palmer Museum of Art

Abstract painting of brown biomorphic forms and black lines on a white surface.
“Brown Shapes White,” 1941, oil on wood pane, 23 5/16 x 31 ¾ in. Philadelphia Museum of Art: A.E. Gallatin Collection, 1952, 1952-61-76 © 2022 Emily Mason | Alice Trumbull Mason Foundation/ARS.

Penn State University, PA –

The work of Alice Trumbull Mason is included in “A Way Through: Abstract Art of the 1940s,” at Palmer Museum of Art, Penn State University from January 11 – May 15, 2022.

As noted by the press release, the exhibition “features eleven works from the Philadelphia Museum of Art, including major paintings by Arshile Gorky, Lee Krasner, Alice Trumbull Mason, and George L. K. Morris. Many of the artists in the exhibition—such as Suzy Frelinghuysen, Irene Rice Pereira, Charles Green Shaw, and Esphyr Slobodkina—were pivotal to the founding of the American Abstract Artists group in New York in 1936.”

For more information, please visit Palmer Museum of Art.